Over the last 20 years OVAG ITALIA S.r.l. has changed and grown considerably, but the company philosophy has remained unchanged, which was established by a team of people who are able to interact with the most advanced industries creating mutual partnerships.

Thanks to this philosophy we can set up very sound relationships with our customers, aimed at reaching our mutual objectives together, offering a functional, hi-tech product with an innovative design.

Laser cutting technology is used, which means strictly industrial procedures and economies can be used that however give a result of tradiional artisan nature. The work process (CAD/LASER) enables production to be constant, from the single model up to a limitless run; it can be fast and precisely repeated, avoiding the need to stock items.

Methacrylate (plexiglass®), wood, steel and aluminium sheets are the most commonly used materials which can be bent, engraved, shaped and assembled in subsequent phases to build complex display stands, made of a single block or modular.

OVAG ITALIA offers “made to measure” production, working directly with the customer on the basis of his drawings, or alternatively using the proposals made by our design office. Our technicians are then at your disposal to meet technical needs, to choose the right materials and to resize consciously the object to be produced, in order to reach a well-balanced result, because our customers' satisfaction is also ours.